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Indian Rasgulla Automatic Production Line Equipment Design

The confectionery factory has established nearly 100 years. They expand their Indian sweets and snacks market along the Indian migration route across the globe. In 2009, in order to increase production capacity and save labor costs, the client contacted ANKO and inquired about the rasgulla automatic production line, which combines SD-97W Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine with RC-180 Automatic Rounding Machine. In the process of trying out the SD-97W, we adjusted the extruding pressure to maintain the texture of rasgulla. The client was satisfied with the final products and full of confidence in the investment, so he placed an order for three production lines. "Is ANKO trustworthy?" the answer is obvious.

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Food Ingredient

  • Whole Milk
  • Lemon Juice
  • Sugar
  • Water

Food Culture

Rasgulla is a popular dessert in India, Bangladesh, and many parts of South Asia. Making chenna is the first step to make rasgulla. Some people might not know what chenna is. Actually, it is a type of curd cheese. Then, slowly cook small chenna balls in sugar syrup. They will puff up as cooking to be sweet, soft, and spongy rasgullas. Nowadays, canned rasgullas are available everywhere.

Handmade Food Recipe

Heat the milk and stir occasionally until boiled.

Add a little lemon juice and stir well.

If the milk does not curdle completely, add a little more lemon juice.

When the milk curdles completely, drain the whey with a cheese cloth.

Rinse the chenna (cottage cheese) to get rid of lemon juice.

Tie the cloth and squeeze out excess water from the chenna, then hang it to drain water for 45 minutes.

Take the chenna out of the cheese cloth and knead it until smooth.

Divide it into equal portions and roll them into small balls.

Add sugar and water into a pot and bring the sugar syrup to a boil.

Add rasgullas into the pot.

Cover with a lid and slowly cook them in the sugar syrup over medium heat

Stir them occasionally until they are cooked and doubled in size, then turn off the heat.

Cool down and chill them before serving.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

ANKO's SD-97W moderately extrudes rasgulla without damaging its spongy texture.

Rasgulla is one of chenna-based desserts, springy but not firm, and can absorb sugar syrup like a sponge. Its chewy and very sweet tastes are the Indians' favorite tastes.

However, the encrusting machines on the market press and extrude chenna with high pressure, which make the texture of the rasgullas too firm. Conversely, ANKO's SD-97W with a special extruding system has lower extruding pressure to maintain the handmade texture and taste.

Rasgullas before boiling in sugar syrup.

The process of making chenna.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Bring milk to a boil and then add lemon juice to curdle milk.
  • Drain chenna (curd cheesse), then put it into the hopper of SD-97W.
  • The chenna is extruded into a cylinder and divided by the non-patterned shutter unit.
  • RC-180 rolls each divided chenna into a small ball.
  • Put chenna balls into sugar syrup and cook.

Chenna balls are submerged and cooked in sugar syrup.
The fundamentals of the rounding machine. How to roll products into perfect round balls.

The RC-180 rounding machine is designed based on a human action of rolling a thing into a ball. The machine is equipped a rectangular rolling device at the top and a conveyor at the bottom. They rotate in different directions as the left and right hand action of rolling a ball. For bigger products, the rolling device and conveyor will be made longer and wider, and adjusted to spin in a larger circle. It is because if the food is longer and the rounding device spins in a small circle, then the rounding device and conveyor will only rub the top and bottom sides of the food.

Also, according to the rasgulla size, the rolling device can be moved upwards or downwards to a proper height so that the texture of the rounded rasgullas won't be damaged.

Rasgullas are rapidly rolled by RC-180 rounding machine.

Semi-finished rasgullas are conveyed to be rounded by the RC-180 machine. The rounding device and conveyor spin in opposite directions like the human action of rolling a ball. Up to 3,000-3,600 pieces can be processed in an hour.

The prevention of dough sticking to shutter unit was considered when designing it.

In order to prevent dough from sticking on the shutter unit, our engineers minimized the contact time and surface when the shutter unit cuts and forms the products. Although there is no doubt that the structure of the shutter unit has a significant impact on finished products, the shutter speed is the key to success. At the moment the shutter opens and closes, a product is formed perfect and pleasing in shape.


Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine is designed to produce stuffed food products. The shutter unit can divide stuffed or plain dough into different shapes of products. Patterned or non-patterned shutter unit is also optional to form foods with pattern on top or plain surface such as baozi, coxinha, kubba, and the like. Moreover, the multipurpose SD-97W features memory function to save five sets of parameter setting, which makes users avoid time-consuming correction and adjustment. In this case, chenna is divided by SD-97W into standard size balls, which are then rolled by RC-180. Finally, all finished chenna balls made by multiple production lines are collected by one conveyor for boiling into rasgullas. This kind of production line planning for food factory can increase efficiency in manufacturing.


Three sets of rasgulla production lines-the SD-97W Encrusting and Forming Machine and the RC-180 Rounding Machine-are set up to produce round rasgullas. Their hourly production capacity can top 10,000 pieces.

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