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Search for food production solutions by clicking frozen food, baked goods, or other food types.

What food production solutions are included in categories of frozen food, baked goods, or other food types?

Baking and freezing are the most common methods. By means of our many years of experience, we offer mechanization solutions in processing frozen food and bakery food.

ANKO has wide research and development, innovative design, professional machine building, and complete solution. No matter what you need is a transition, productivity increase, turnkey planning, customization, or labor cost reduction, ANKO could do it for you. Please click the following categories for more solutions.


For making different types of foods, the food machines combined in a production line, recipes, and production process will be different. You could choose a category that related to your food and read several cases to see ANKO's food solutions for making frozen food, such as dumpling and hargow, or baked goods, such as pineapple cake or kompia.


  • Food Production Planning: For whom would like to switch from manual to automatic production, and have a new food production line /factory / central kitchen.
  • Food Production Process optimization: For whom would like to expand product line, and enhance efficiency.
  • Develop New Food Product: Add values and extent storage life to vegetables, fruits and other ingredients through food processing.

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ANKO Introduction

ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. is a food making machine manufacturer and a food production solution supplier. We've been offering professional food equipment since 1978. With years of experience in the food machine market, ANKO makes sure that our food equipment meets customers' demands.