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ANKO’s Semi-Automatic Burrito Forming Machine Design Helped Increased a US Company’s Productivity

The client has run the company offering Mexican food for over 25 years. They not only have privately-held restaurant chains, but also distribute more than 20 flavors of frozen burritos to supermarkets. However, when their burritos were getting popular, the production capacity of their current production lines could not meet the increasing demand. Then, they found that ANKO has developed burrito forming machine, so they came to Taiwan looking for a solution to increase productivity.

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ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Machine can form burrito perfectly.

When making burrito by hand, the employees make burritos based on their own experiences. Each person may scoop different amounts of stuffing, have different folding ways to form different sizes of burritos.

When making burrito by machine, every device on the machine is controlled by parameter values so that it is easy to produce standard burritos. On the other hand, once the values are set, any difference in wrapper size may cause defective products (as shown in the above photo). How do we make the machine form burrito perfectly? ……(Please contact us to get more information)

Previously, Burritos lack uniformity
Previously, Burritos lack uniformity
Perfectly formed Burritos
Perfectly formed Burritos

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Place tortilla on the feeding area
  • Stuffing depositing
  • 1st folding
  • Pressing and fixing
  • Both side marking and folding
  • 2nd folding
  • 3rd folding
  • Burrito formed
ANKO’s Machine will only start when the sensor detects a tortilla on the conveyor
ANKO’s Machine will only start when the sensor detects a tortilla on the conveyor
Filling is placed near the edge for further folding and wrapping
Filling is placed near the edge for further folding and wrapping
3 folding steps to complete the process
3 folding steps to complete the process
The selection of conveyor and the design of positioning mechanism for Semi-Automatic Burrito forming Machine.

The conveyor of burrito forming machine needs to start and stop frequently. When it stops, wrappers generally slip forwards, which will affect the stuffing location and the subsequent folding processes. In order to solve the problem,...→To get more information? Please Contact Us Below

Conveyor belt on the Burrito Forming Machine
Conveyor belt on the Burrito Forming Machine
ANKO’s special conveyor alignment mechanism
ANKO’s special conveyor alignment mechanism
Solution Proposal

Upgrade to ANKO's High-Quality Burrito Production Solution for Perfectly Formed Burritos

ANKO did

Many Burrito producers are turning to automation solutions to tackle rising labor costs and boost production capacity. Machine-made Burritos ensure consistent form and maintain superior quality. ANKO's Burrito Forming Machine effectively addresses production challenges, delivering perfect Burritos to numerous satisfied clients.

ANKO can help you more

Upon your request, ANKO can also provide a comprehensive One-stop Burrito Solution, including tortilla production line, mixer, packaging, and food inspection machines, ensuring efficiency. The Burrito's specifications can be tailored, adjusting factors like wrapper thickness, filling quantity, and overall dimensions. ANKO's Burrito Forming Machine can produce 1,000 Burritos per hour, enhancing your food business.

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 ANKO's Burrito Production Solution Creates Perfect Burritos to Elevate Your Business


The forming machine is capable of automatically adding stuffing and folding burritos. Up to 1,000 burritos can be formed in an hour. Through the change of some parts and parameter values, it is also suitable for different kinds of wraps and stuffing to make a variety of rolls. In this case, the machine is designed to make burritos with the tortillas ranging from 9.5 inches to 10.5 inches in diameter. According to the texture of stuffing, the stuffing quantity in each burrito can be adjusted by parameter settings and the finished products can weigh between 130 and 160 grams.

SD-97 series & APB series

SD-97 series (Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine) divides dough into equal balls. Then, these small dough balls are pressed and heated by APB series (Pressing and Heating Machine) into tortillas in same size. A wide range of SD-97 and APB machine models are available to meet clients' needs. The semi-automatic production line combined SD-97 series, APB series, and BR-1500 involves tortilla making, stuffing, and folding processes to produce standardized burritos and help save labor costs. For more information about a total solution or factory planning, please contact us through the provided contact forms.


How to produce tortillas with APB pressing and heating machine? Place equally-divided dough onto the conveyor of APB one by one. Each dough is pressed and heated into a flat and round shape without shrinking. The machine can produce a variety of foods such as tortilla, chapatti, roti, etc.

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Food Culture

Burrito is one of tortilla based foods. Meat, beans, Mexican rice, lettuce, cheese are common fillings rolled in burrito and people usually eat it with guacamole or sour cream on top or as a dip.

Another Mexican food-taco-looks similar to burrito, but there are slight differences between them. Taco is like a sandwich, various fillings can be added and wrapped around with a smaller round and hard tortilla; on the contrary, burrito is fully rolled and folded with a larger and softer tortilla.

In Mexico and the United States, burrito is a very popular food and its taste varies in different regions. Nowadays, the on-the-go burrito can be tasted in many cities worldwide and some fast food restaurants also release burrito combo to satisfy customers' appetite.

Handmade Recipe
Food Ingredient

For wrapper-All Purpose Flour/Salt/Baking Powder/Water/Oil, For filling-Red Onion/Garlic/Tomato/Ground Lean Beef/Chili Powder/Ground Cumin/Black Beans/Shredded Cheese/Salsa/Sour Cream

For wrapper

(1) Add all purpose flour, salt, baking powder in a big bowl and mix them. (2) Add oil and water in the bowl and gently knead all ingredients together. (3) Dust the work surface and keep kneading the dough. (4) Cover the dough with a cloth and rest it for 15 minutes. (5) Divide it into equal dough balls. (6) Use a rolling pin to roll out each dough ball into a round tortilla. (7) Preheat a pan and cook the both sides of tortillas over medium heat until there are brown spots on the both surfaces.

For filling

(1) Chop red onion, garlic and tomato. (2) Heat oil in a fry pan. Fry chopped onion, garlic and then add in ground lean beef and fry until brown. (3) Season beef mixture with chili powder and ground cumin. (4) Add black beans and salsa in the fry pan and cook for five minutes to let the flavors blend. (5) Turn off the heat. Add shredded cheese and stir the beef stuffing until the cheese melted.

For Wrapping

(1) Take a tortilla and put a scoop of the beef filling on it. (2) Add a spoon of sour cream and some chopped tomato. (3) Roll up the burrito.


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