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ANKO redesigned the mechanism for producing perfectly wrapped burritos by implementing the Burrito Forming Machine, ensuring high-quality production / Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider

ANKO redesigned our Burrito Machine’s Folding Mechanism and provided great solutions for a US Client’s production issues

ANKO’s client is a manufacturer of Mexican food products and has distribution in several countries in Latin America and Southern Europe. Burritos are one of the items that this client produces, and this client has decided to transition from manual production to an automated assembly line due to the increasing product demand and labor costs. This client was introduced to ANKO FOOD TECH (AFT) through a referral; and subsequently this client visited AFT for a demonstration, and they were very satisfied with ANKO’s machines, and the products made by our automated system. Additionally, with ANKO’s guidance this company was able to restructure their business, to save on manufacturing costs and focus on their sales and marketing performance for market expansion.

Case-ID: US-004


ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

ANKO modified the Tortilla folding mechanism to ensure Burritos are perfectly wrapped.

During machine testing, ANKO discovered that a client's Burrito recipe used thicker Tortillas, which made it difficult for the machine's folding mechanism to hold them in place. The thick Tortillas lead to subsequent rolling and wrapping issues, resulting in unevenly wrapped Burritos or filling leaks. To address the consequences, ANKO's engineering team modified the folding mechanism to successfully form Burritos... (Contact ANKO for more information)

Flour tortilla flips open and failed to form properly
Flour tortilla flips open and failed to form properly
Burritos were not formed properly
Burritos were not formed properly
Production failure, Burritos are not formed properly
Production failure, Burritos are not formed properly

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Place tortilla on the feeding area
  • Stuffing depositing
  • 1st folding
  • Pressing and fixing
  • Both side marking and folding
  • 2nd folding
  • 3rd folding
  • Burrito formed
ANKO’s Filling system maintains filling texture without over processing the ingredients
ANKO’s Filling system maintains filling texture without over processing the ingredients
Placing tortillas onto the conveyor manually
Placing tortillas onto the conveyor manually
ANKO’s filling system extrudes the fillings precisely on the tortilla
ANKO’s filling system extrudes the fillings precisely on the tortilla
Arrange proper system to driven stuffing device in light of characteristics of burrito stuffing.

Burrito comes in different kinds of stuffing such as rice, cheese, beans, meat, and vegetables. How much moisture the stuffing contains may have an impact on the operation of stuffing system. Therefore, depending on the characteristics of burrito stuffing, the stuffing device will be equipped with a proper driven system that helps the device deposit stuffing on tortillas smoothly. The current stuffing device is operated by pneumatic power. We can also replace the standard air cylinder with high-pressure air cylinder or electric power driven system.

ANKO tested numerous different filling recipes; this is chili cheese chicken filling
ANKO tested numerous different filling recipes; this is chili cheese chicken filling
Cooked vegetable fillings can also be extruded precisely onto the tortillas
Cooked vegetable fillings can also be extruded precisely onto the tortillas
ANKO’s filling system can process chocolate filling with chopped walnuts
ANKO’s filling system can process chocolate filling with chopped walnuts
Solution Proposal

Elevate Your Food Business with ANKO's Burrito Production Solution

ANKO did

Burritos are currently enjoying a surge in popularity, both in the United States and Mexico. Utilizing ANKO's BR-1500 Burrito Forming Machine, you can effortlessly automate the Burrito-making process. This efficient machine not only mitigates labor costs in response to the global labor shortage and increasing wages but also elevates food quality and production capacity to bolster your business.

ANKO can help you more

In addition, ANKO provides a comprehensive range of equipment for tortilla production, filling preparation, forming and wrapping, packaging, and food x-ray inspection. This all-in-one solution caters to all your Burrito production needs, suitable for food factories, central/cloud kitchens, restaurants, and more.

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 ANKO provides premium Burrito Production Solution to Boost Your Business Success


The forming machine is capable of automatically adding stuffing and folding burritos. Up to 1,000 burritos can be formed in an hour. Through the change of some parts and parameter values, it is also suitable for different kinds of wraps and stuffing to make a variety of rolls. In this case, the machine is designed to make burritos with the tortillas ranging from 9.5 inches to 10.5 inches in diameter. According to the texture of stuffing, the stuffing quantity in each burrito can be adjusted by parameter settings and the finished products can weigh between 130 and 160 grams.

SD-97 series & APB series

SD-97 series (Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine) divides dough into equal balls. Then, these small dough balls are pressed and heated by APB series (Pressing and Heating Machine) into tortillas in same size. A wide range of SD-97 and APB machine models are available to meet clients' needs. The semi-automatic production line combined SD-97 series, APB series, and BR-1500 involves tortilla making, stuffing, and folding processes to produce standardized burritos and help save labor costs. For more information about a total solution or factory planning, please contact us through the provided contact forms.


How to make burrito with ANKO's food machine? The machine production processes is designed in accordance with the manual production processes-- take a tortilla, scoop stuffing on the tortilla, fold in three sides and tuck the burrito over. With ANKO's burrito production line, all processes except for tortilla feeding and final product collecting can be completed by machine.

How to produce tortillas with APB pressing and heating machine? Place equally-divided dough onto the conveyor of APB one by one. Each dough is pressed and heated into a flat and round shape without shrinking. The machine can produce a variety of foods such as tortilla, chapatti, roti, etc.

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Food Culture

A Burrito is an authentic Mexican dish, similar to a Taco, but all the ingredients and sauces are wrapped in the Tortilla. Traditional Burritos are filled with meat, rice, and beans to form a reasonably sized roll. However, when Burritos made their way to the United States, the amount of filling increased, as did the size of the Tortilla, and a larger Burrito became commonplace. Fillings in American Burritos often include meats, lettuce, avocados, onions, tomatoes, cheese, yogurt, salsas, and more. For example, a well-known American fast-food chain specializing in Mexican cuisine offers over 50 different fresh ingredients for customers to build their own Burritos. This company has established thousands of franchised locations worldwide, generating impressive revenue in the marketplace. Frozen Burritos are created to provide even more convenience for consumers. They are generally sold at different stores and supermarkets; they can be easily microwaved and served as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Recently, many meatless Burritos have gained popularity with an increasing number of vegan and vegetarian consumers. Their main ingredients include vegetables, vegan cheeses, and vegan sour cream. Often accompanied by black beans, corn, avocados, and rice, this type of Burrito provides a lower-calorie and satisfying option.

Handmade Recipe
Food Ingredient

For Wrapper-All Purpose Flour/Salt/Baking Powder/Water/Oil , For Filling-Rice/Onion/Ground Lean Beef/Chili Powder/Ground Cumin/Ground Oregano/Salt/Black Beans/Tomato Sauce/Cheese

Making the Wrapper

(1) Add all purpose flour, salt, baking powder in a big bowl and mix them. (2) Add olive oil and water in the bowl and gently knead all ingredients together. (3) Dust the work surface and keep kneading the dough. (4) Cover the dough with a cloth and rest it for 15 minutes. (5) Divide it into equal dough balls. (6) Use a rolling pin to roll out each dough ball into a round tortilla. (7) Preheat a pan and cook the both sides of tortillas over medium heat until there are brown spots on the both surfaces.

Making the Filling

(1) Cook rice. (2) Chopped onion. (3) Heat olive oil in a fry pan. Fry chopped onion, then add in ground lean beef and fry them until brown. (4) Season beef mixture with chili powder, ground cumin, ground oregano, and salt. (5) Add black beans, cooked rice, and tomato sauce in the fry pan and cook for five minutes to let the flavors blend. (6) Turn off the heat. Add in grated cheese and stir them until the cheese melted.

How to make

(1) Take a tortilla and put a scoop of the stuffing on it. (2) Roll up the burrito.

Handmade flour Tortilla
Handmade flour Tortilla
Filling of Spanish rice with chili sauce
Filling of Spanish rice with chili sauce
Finished handmade Burritos
Finished handmade Burritos

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