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Dumpling Production Equipment Helps to Increase Capacity and Standardize Products

To increase capacity and standardize products are the main issues that drive food manufacturers and restaurant owners, including this client, to switch from manual to automatic production. The dumplings served in the company's restaurant chains were made by hand in its own central kitchen. Consumers really liked the handmade dumplings, but 'sold out" was the most important issue with which the company had to deal. Moreover, the size, weight, and taste of handmade dumplings might vary from batch to batch. Using a dumpling maker can both improve capacity and achieve standardization. Therefore, he chose us as the solution provider for the automatic production of dumplings. He also wanted to serve deep-fried dumplings and steamed dumplings to satisfy customers' appetite after increasing capacity.

Case-ID: FJ-002


ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. Dumplings crack after freezing.

After giving machine training, going through the whole process of producing food is necessary to make sure the machine, production process, and the final products have no problem. In this case, dumplings could be produced smoothly, but there were cracks in the dumpling skin after freezing.

Our engineer listed two possible causes: water content and freezing techniques.

How to adjust water content to prevent dumplings from cracking?

The cracks formed because ……(Please contact us to get more information)

How to improve freezing techniques?

Under the situation that the client had no plan to purchase new freezing equipment, our engineer suggested changing workflow. After the dumplings are just made by the HLT-700XL, pack the fresh dumplings well and freeze them right away to prevent them from drying.

With the two solutions, the defective rate can be decreased from 40% to 5% and the dumplings can both be steamed and deep-fried perfectly.

Dumplings crack after freezing
Dumplings crack after freezing
Dumplings are fully sealed after ANKO's adjustment
Dumplings are fully sealed after ANKO's adjustment

After ANKO’s recommended adjustments, dumplings were successfully formed. Even when put into the freezer, dumplings weren't cracked.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Put well-mixed stuffing in stuffing hopper.
  • Put well-kneaded dough in dough hopper.
  • Stuffing is extruded into a cylinder through stuffing pipe.
  • Dough is extruded into a tube through dough pipe.
  • While both cylindrical stuffing and dough tube are formed, stuffing is extruded into the dough tube.
  • The stuffed dough tube is formed by the forming mold.
  • The final products are released from the mold by scraper.
  • The final products are conveyed for the sequential baking process.
Put dough into hopper
Put dough into hopper
Preserves filling ingredients with their original textures, even corns or green peas can be processed
Preserves filling ingredients with their original textures, even corns or green peas can be processed
HLT-700XL produce various types of dumplings with different molds
HLT-700XL produce various types of dumplings with different molds
Customized forming mold

The forming mold in the forming mold set of HLT-700XL determines the look of a product, including size, shape and weight. ANKO has a team specifically to develop forming molds for our clients and all molds are precisely produced with a 5-axis CNC machine in our factory.

In this case, the client would like to make dumplings with a unique shape, so we provided several choices in accordance with the weight and size of his dumpling. Finally, we made him a half-moon shaped dumpling mold with patterned edge that we call it finger pattern. After the dumplings were produced by machine, for more unique look, they would make them into a ring shape by hand.

Finger patterned dumplings formed by forming mold
Finger patterned dumplings formed by forming mold
Finger patterned dumplings
Finger patterned dumplings
Unique look shaped by hand
Unique look shaped by hand
Solution Proposal

Advanced Dumpling Production Solution to Support Your Food Business

ANKO did

In this case, ANKO helped our client adjust the recipe to prevent dumplings from cracking. Based on our 46 years of experience in handling numerous production issues and difficulties, a freezer burn-proof recipe is also available for manufacturers that adapt cold chain productions to prevent dumplings from damages due to freezer burns.

ANKO can help you more

Besides, ANKO offers One-Stop Dumpling Production Solution which includes commercial food processors, dough mixer, filling and forming machine, even an X-Ray Inspection machine and packaging equipment to increase automation. Switching to ANKO's Dumpling Production Solution, you can achieve success in your food business and we will create unprecedented market opportunities together!

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 ANKO Dumpling Machine And Production Solution


HLT-700XL Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine is designed to produce various types of dumplings such as Chinese dumplings, Polish pierogi, Eastern European pelmeni, Italian calzone and ravioli, Korean mandu, etc. The products weighing from 13 to 100 grams with different shapes are able to be made because the forming mold can be customized according to individual needs. Simply by changing the forming mold set, the machine can produce different food products, which helps clients create new product lines with low costs. More importantly, ANKO launched the Internet of Things (IoT) System, allowing real-time access to data monitoring to manage production remotely on a mobile device. It also can automatically detect any parts that require maintenance and send alerts for easier maintenance.


How the HLT-700XL machine works? After putting dough and stuffing into hoppers, the HLT-700XL will automatically extrude a dough tube and fill stuffing into the dough tube at the same time. Then, the stuffed dough cylinder will be pressed by a forming mold to form pieces of food products.

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Food Culture

Chinese dumpling is a circular dough skin wrapped around filling with pinched pattern on the edge. The primary filling is pork with cabbage or leek, but there are many variants made with different ingredients such as beef, shrimps, chicken, fish, corn, kimchi, etc. Dumplings are usually boiled, steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried. Nowadays, some frozen dumplings are cooked before freezing so that people can even microwave the dumplings when busy.

Handmade Recipe
Food Ingredient

For Wrapper-Flour/Water, For Filling-Ground Chicken/Cabbage/Soy Sauce/Sugar/Salt/Pepper

Making the Wrapper

(1) Add flour and water in a large bowl, then stir them together. (2) Knead and press the dough with the palms of hands until sticky. (3) Rest for a half hour. (4) Dust the worktop with flour and knead the dough until smooth. Set aside.

Making the Filling

(1) Chop cabbage and finely chop ground chicken. (2) Mix them in a large bowl. (3) Add sugar, salt, pepper and soy sauce in the bowl, and stir the filling well. Set aside.

How to make

(1) Roll the dough into a long, cylinder shape. (2) Equally divide the dough into small balls. (3) Roll out the dough ball into a thin wrapper with a rolling pin. (4) Spoon filling on the center of wrapper. (5) Smear water on the edge. (6) Fold it in half and tightly press the seam. (7) Pleat the edge. (8) Repeat last five steps to wrap all dumplings.

Knead dough by hand
Knead dough by hand
Put filling into the center of wrapper
Put filling into the center of wrapper
Finished dumplings
Finished dumplings

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