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ANKO's Shumai Machine dramatically increases production capacity, resolves wrapper breakage issues, and optimizes Shumai businesses with advanced technology and reliable performance / Food and Bread Processing Turnkey Project Provider

ANKO developed a Siomay/Shumai Production Line for a client in Indonesia to satisfy the local market demand

This ANKO client owns an international food corporation, they founded their business providing animal farming and food processing. They own multiple chicken processing food factories in Indonesia, and they have diversified their operations to include food retail business. When their Siomay business started to flourish, the market demand exceeded their production capacity, hence they started to research fully automated and highly efficient Siomay machines for their factory expansion. ANKO is a leading company in the manufacturing of professional automated food machines, and we offered this client production tests to ensure our machines could fulfill their production requirements. This client was very satisfied with ANKO’s machines and production capabilities. In the end, they purchased two HSM-600 Automatic Siomay Machines.

Case-ID: ID-001

Siomay (Shumai)

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. What causes Siomay wrapper breakage during production?

This client started producing Siomay after receiving the ANKO machine and a series of operational training. Three months later, this client contacted ANKO about Siomay wrapper breakage during production, which was not due to abnormal parameter settings. Upon request, ANKO’s engineers traveled to the client’s factory and discovered the issue… (Please contact ANKO for further information)

Solution 2. Another factor that causes Siomay wrapper breakage.

ANKO’s engineer found that the commercial dough mixer was not suitable for producing a low-moisture dough for making Siomay wrappers. It is better to use a different machine… (Please contact ANKO for further information)

The dough consistency improved after ANKO's suggested adjustments
The dough consistency improved after ANKO's suggested adjustments
Dough is formed with the right moisture content and does not break during Siomay production
Dough is formed with the right moisture content and does not break during Siomay production
Perfectly formed Siomay
Perfectly formed Siomay

ANKO’s engineers helped to resolve the production problems that contributed to wrapper breakage, and finally the Siomay turned out to be perfect; ready to be manually collected for packaging.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Place well-mixed flour mixture into the hopper
  • Load the filling hopper with premixed filling
  • Activate automated production
  • Dough forms into a long dough sheet
  • Divide dough sheet into individual wrappers (width 60-70mm)
  • Place wrappers into Siomay forming mold
  • Extrude filling onto each wrapper in the forming mold
  • Press the top of each Siomay to create folds and ensure tight binding of the wrapper and filling ingredients
  • Push final products onto the conveyor belt
Place pre-mixed dough crumbles into the dough hopper
Place pre-mixed dough crumbles into the dough hopper
Filling system is designed to process a wide variety of ingredients
Filling system is designed to process a wide variety of ingredients
Pushing Siomay products onto the conveyor belt
Pushing Siomay products onto the conveyor belt

Fundamental of Design

  • Wrapper thickness can be adjusted between 0.3-0.5mm
  • Wrapper size can be adjusted to create different product visual presentation
  • Based on client’s product requirements, there are different decorating devices that can automatically top Siomay with crab roe, egg yolk, or peas.
ANKO’s HSM-600 Automatic Siomay Machine’s Unique Design Features

Siomay wrappers require a silky texture that does not break after steaming. ANKO’s HSM-600 Siomay Machine is designed with a wrapper maker that connects to the filling and forming device which is compact in size and more efficient. A unique design mechanism focuses on the final forming of Siomay, which presses the wrapper tight around the filling ingredients, creating folds that resemble handmade products, and ensures each product is consistently formed with the same technique and pressure.

HSM-600 Siomay wrapper feeds to Siomay production
HSM-600 Siomay wrapper feeds to Siomay production
Unique forming mechanism
Unique forming mechanism
Tightly wrapped and uniformly formed Siomay
Tightly wrapped and uniformly formed Siomay
Solution Proposal

The siomay / shumai production solution covers equipment and service

ANKO did

In this case, we help him replace the old siomay machine with HSM-600 Automatic Shumai Machine and solve his production problems by suggesting having an appropriate preparing machine and changing the way to work.

ANKO can help you more

We have equipment for preparing, filling/forming, and cooking as well as extended application. In addition to all kinds of siomay making machines, we can provide recipe adjustment suggestions and services of various foods.

If you need further information, please click Learn More or fill out the inquiry form below. 

 ANKO's Siomay Production and Solution


This client had been producing chicken Siomay with their existing machines, and they planned to expand their factory to double their Siomay production in order to satisfy the local market demand. ANKO’s HSM-600 Automatic Siomay Machine has the capacity of producing 6,000 pieces per hour, and the filling system is optimized to process a variety of different ingredients, such as ground beef, ground pork, diced shrimp, cassava, and shredded radish. It can also be customized to produce extra large Siomay (Dim Sim) that are 80g per piece.


ANKO’s HSM-600 Automatic Double Line Siomay Machine can start automated production after loading the dough and filling into separate hoppers and entering the right parameter settings. The amount of filling and thickness of Siomay wrapper can both be adjusted to create the perfect Siomay.

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Food Culture

Shumai is one of the most popular Dim Sum items in Cantonese Yum Cha restaurants; it is usually made with a thin wrapper and filled with pork, then it is formed into shot-glass-shaped dumplings and steamed before serving. In Indonesia, Shumai is known as Siomay and they can be either steamed or deep-fried; they are usually filled with ground chicken, fish pastes, or shrimp, and served with a dipping sauce. Siomay can also be cut into pieces and served with potato, eggs, and a spicy peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. In Indonesia, Siomay is commonly sold as a street food, or offered at a food truck. It is also offered in restaurants, and it is a popular item on local food delivery apps, online stores, supermarkets, and wholesale marts around Indonesia.

Handmade Recipe
Food Ingredient

All Purpose Flour/Water/Egg/Ground Chicken/Fish Paste/Salt/Ground white pepper/Scallions/Sesame Oil/Cassava Starch

Making Siomay/Shumai Wrappers

(1) Place all-purpose flour in a container and form a well to hold the eggs (2) Crack the eggs and pour it in the flour well (3) Mix the eggs and flour together slowly to forms a dough (4) Knead the dough by hand until smooth (5) Wrap the dough with plastic food wrap and let it rest for about 90 minutes

Making the filling

(1) Mix ground chicken, fish paste, chopped spring onion and (toasted) sesame oil together (2) Season the mixture with salt and ground white pepper (3) Finally, add casava starch and mix well

Making Siomay/Shumai

(1) Roll the dough flat and thin with a pastry roller (2) Divide the pastry into round or square pieces (3) Use a spoon to scoop the filling ingredients and place it onto the wrapper (4) Wrap the filling and form Siomay (decorate Siomay with a pea or diced carrot) (5) Place Siomay in a steamer and steam for about 10 minutes


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