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ANKO Spring Roll Production Line– Machinery Design for American Company

The client already has a spring roll processing machine from other company. Since his business grew, he would like to increase productivity and improve the looks of products. He had been looking for a better solution, also an acceptable price. Finally, ANKO gained favor with the client. It's not only because the machine itself, but our competent team. We have abundant knowledge in food ingredients and recipes; We have years of experience to determine the effect of any conditions, such as temperature, water temperature, pneumatic equipment, or electrical equipment on machinery and food; and last but not least, our engineers are full of passion to find every possible solution.

Case-ID: US-001

Lumpia, Spring roll

Food Ingredient

  • For pastry
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • For stuffing
  • Minced Beef
  • Mung Bean Vermicelli
  • Carrot
  • Ginger
  • Spring Onion
  • Soy Sauce

Food Culture

Chinese cuisine develops broad and profound. In the age of globalization, foods spread to other countries usually fuse local cultures and become distinctive tastes. Spring roll is a typical example; a sheet of thin and square pastry wraps up local ingredients, and then the roll is deep fried to make it crispy. Afterwards, due to the popularity of fast food, this kind of deep-fried food is a choice for quick cooking and serving in any occasion. The client produces traditional meat and vegetable flavor, in addition, special shrimp stuffing. Attached with his unique, special sweet and sour sauce which the client is proud is unforgettable taste to gourmets.

Handmade Food Recipe

For pastry
Mix and stir flour, water, salt, and oil together
Heat a frying pan
Apply a brush to smear a thin layer of mixture in the pan.
As the edges of the pastry slightly peel off, flip it over to cook the other side for a few seconds.
For stuffing
Soak mung bean vermicelli in water for 10 minutes.
Drain and rinse with iced water.
Roughly cut mung bean vermicelli.
Chop carrot, spring onion, and ginger
Mix minced beef, chopped carrot, spring onion, and ginger together.
Scoop beef mixture and place it on a spring roll pastry. It is better to place it close to the edge.
To roll up the spring roll starts from the side with stuffing.
Roll half the pastry and then fold the left and the right sides toward the center.
Then, roll the pastry to the end.
Deep fry spring rolls and enjoy them with sauce.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1
The stuffing was too loose to be rolled up firmly.
Stuffing ingredients usually contain fat which solidifies at a low temperature to bind other ingredients. As depositing, the stuffing is still in a rectangular shape. Stuffing ingredients usually contain fat which solidifies at a low temperature to bind other ingredients. As depositing, the stuffing is still in a rectangular shape.
In this case, the client sometime used frozen stuffing and sometime used unfrozen stuffing. The machine setting should be adjusted to suit different conditions. However, the client didn't notice the point, causing the problem that mentioned above. Therefore, using frozen stuffing only and setting corresponding parameters were the solutions to resume the smooth production.

Spring roll with firm stuffing

Spring roll with loose stuffing
Solution 2
SR-24 is drove by the pneumatic system. The more stable the driving force is, the more smooth the machine works.
As our engineer was solving the problem of loose stuffing, he noticed that the wrapping action seemed delay. He checked and found that there was a pool of water under the pneumatic equipment. Therefore, he suggested the client installing a discharge valve to discharge water that resulted from moisture condensation and made air pressure stable. Then he cleaned and lubricated the magnetic valve of pneumatic system. He also recommended the client not to connect a pneumatic device with more than one machine to avoid the driving force becoming unstable.
The client asked us to improve the look of his spring rolls. Their both ends protruded.
The solution A is to modify his machine, designing a device to press both ends inwards. The solution B is to...(Please contact us to get more information)
The client's spring roll pastry contained too much oil. That became too hard to wrap after baking.
The batter recipe made by the client included more oil than the standard recipe made by ANKO. The former batter was too hard to wrap up stuffing. In order to maintain the elasticity, we lowered the temperature of baking drum. However, the pastry became too soft to scrape from the baking drum. Finally, our engineer adjusted the recipe, adding some...(Please contact us to get more information)

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Pour cooked stuffing into hopper.
  • Pour mixed batter into batter tank.
  • Set temperature
  • Bake pastry belt
  • Cool pastry belt under fans
  • Cut pastry belt into 200mm*200mm squares.
  • Turn cut pastry in position, ready to be fed with stuffing.
  • Feed stuffing: locate stuffing on a set place.
  • Fold pastry: fold the first corner to the center to cover the stuffing, and then seal the stuffing by left and right side flappers.
  • Apply glue: apply batter on the last corner as glue.
  • Roll up: roll up toward the last corner under rolling net, at the same time, seal the end.

Spring rolls made by SR-24.

Pastry turning device.

Stainless steel net for rolling up spring roll
The spring roll production line is designed for product standardization
The design of fans is to shorten the cooling time, standardize products and make production efficient, so we launched a series of test to properly set the wind speed and running time according to dough ingredients.
In the manual production process, the pastry and stuffing are often prepared separately. As the pastries cool down, they are packed and sealed off to avoid moisture until the stuffing is ready.
On one hand, the cooling time is hard to control. If the cooling time is too long, spring roll pasties absorb moisture that causes them to stick together and ruins the relish of spring roll. On the other hand, whether pastries are suitable for wrapping needs years of experience and a touch to determine. Therefore, having the fans, not only can the taste be maintained, but it is also unnecessary to check every piece by experiences.
The batter for making spring roll pastry is prepared and we usually suggest putting it overnight. At the beginning of production, the nozzle evenly sprays batter onto baking drum. Through parameter settings for thickness and temperature, the texture and hardness/softness are adjustable. Then, it is cooled by fans while batter is baked into pastry belt.
After cooling, the cutter cuts the belt into square pieces. The prepared stuffing is in the stuffing hopper and ready to be deposited on pastries. The sensor detects the pastry's position and signal the depositor to lay down stuffing at the right time.
Finally, the forming unit folds three corner of the pastry and the last corner is exactly dotted with batter as glue. Through the stainless steel net, a spring roll is rolled up and completely formed. With the fully automatic production process, 2400 rolls can be made in one hour.

Evenly spray batter onto baking drum

Top view of baking drum

Baking pastry, depositing stuffing, rolling up pastry, and other processes are all in one production line. Four spring rolls can be form in one minute. Also, various stuffing recipes are ready to diversify your product lines. With an SR-24, you are the chef of borderless cuisines.

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ANKO Lumpia, Spring roll Equipment Solutions

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