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Using ANKO food machine to produce shrimp spring roll

Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine -Machinery Design for American Company

The company sells processing aquatic food products to all kinds of supermarkets in western countries. They locate their head office in the United States but operate a factory in Sumatra, Indonesia for collecting aquatic resources conveniently. As for spring roll pastry import, high cost and quality degradation caused by rising temperature during shipping prompted them to purchase a machine to make pastry by themselves. After searching, they decided to buy ANKO's Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine because our years of experience in spring roll pastry machine, we are able to adjust ingredients of a recipe according to customer's flour characteristics, and customize our machine to produce different sizes of spring roll pastries, shrimp spring roll pastries, and samosa pastries, very economic and practical.

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Spring roll pastry (for shrimp spring roll)

Food Ingredient

  • All Purpose Flour
  • Corn Starch
  • Egg
  • Water
  • Salt

Food Culture

Shrimp spring roll wraps a seasoned shrimp, shelled and de-headed, yet the tail is left. The roll is then deep-fried until golden brown. The kind of product is mainly sold in supermarkets or restaurants in western countries. With the whole shrimp wrapped in the spring roll pastry, every bite of shrimp spring roll can enjoy both sweet and chewy from the fresh shrimp and crispy from the pastry. To have it with Thai sweet chili sauce even makes gourmets consume one after another.

Handmade Food Recipe

  • Beat egg and mix with some water.
  • Add flour, starch, and salt in a large bowl and well mix them until dissolved.
  • Pour some batter on a non-stick frying pan.
  • Spin the pan until batter covers the surface.
  • When batter gradually dries out, edge of pastry peels off, it is the time to take a spatula to flip over the pastry.
  • Cook the other side in a few seconds, and then leave it at a plate.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Flour lumped easily which affected batter's consistency.

In that area, there are few kinds of flour brand to be chosen. The humidity also influences flour quality. The flour used in the case had large and small granules, so we sieved the flour and removed granules before using. After mixing with water, we found there still were 0.5-2 cm granules in batter; their outside become mushy but floury inside. We also tried to speed up mixer, yet nothing changed, even stirred them for another 50 minutes. Although it worked to sieve batter before pouring into the batter tank, unstable batter with unstable consistency influenced the quality of spring roll pastry every time. In order to solve the problem, we slightly mixed batter, then…. →To get more information? Please Contact Us Below

Granules is obvious before emulsifying

Lumps is obvious before emulsifying

Batter becomes homogeneous after emulsifying

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Add flour, water, oil, and salt in a mixer, mix them into batter.
  • Shell shrimps and remove their heads, then season them.
  • After stirring batter thoroughly, pour it into batter tank.
  • Set temperature on control panel.
  • Machine sprays batter and starts baking.
  • Pastry belt is cooled with fans.
  • Cutter cuts pastry belt up into 10- square-centimeter spring roll pastries.
  • Wrap a seasoned shrimp with a spring roll pastry.
  • Deep fry shrimp spring rolls in 160-180 degree C oil for 6-8 minutes until golden brown.
  • Freeze food products.
  • Pack food products.

Finished shrimp spring rolls

Golden brown shrimp spring rolls

Cool pastry with fans
Versatile cutter design can cut pastry in many sizes. Pastries can be stacked in piles quantitatively, which saves time and effort.

For the production of 10-square-centimeter small pastry, parting a spray nozzle into two outlets is a common method. However, small size spring roll pastries are not easy to be stacked up by machine, operators have to stack them manually, which wastes time and effort. Therefore, ANKO designs a rotary cutting unit to mount on baking drum to slit the medium baked pastry belt which then has cut marks. As the pastries are stacked in piles, they can be separated easily by hand. This time-saving and effort-saving design not only solves the stacking problem, but also helps operators easily separate pastries into required small ones.

Rotary cutter (The photo shows samosa pastry production)

With cut marks, separating pastries in piles saves time and effort

The common width of spring roll pastry between 14 cm and 22 cm can be made by SRP Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine. Depending on individual preference, pastry thickness is adjustable between 0.4 mm and 0.7 mm. Take the production of 20-square-centimeter pastry as an example, the capacity is 2,400 sheets per hour. If more functions are needed, equipment for semi/fully automatic spring roll production can be installed to continue the processes of depositing filling and wrapping up rolls. Also, there is a cutting device to install at the baking unit to produce samosa pastry. For thicker pastry, an infrared heater can be additionally fixed on the baking drum to quickly heat up pastry from top. Overall, SRP not only is a stand-alone machine to produce pastry, but also can be added other units to extend its functionality.


Spraying and baking batter, cutting and stacking pastries, all processes are completed in one machine. With ANKO's SRP series, operators only need to prepare batter and pack final products, then hand over the rest to what ANKO offers.

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