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Using ANKO food machine to produce sambousek

Sambousek Automatic Production Equipment Designed with a Customized Half-moon Rotary Mold

The company provides frozen food for numerous hotels and villages in Cairo, Egypt. Consumers can also buy their products online, in supermarkets or deli. Selling products in multi sales channel had leaded to an increasing demand, so the company's owner, via a dealer, had been looking for a supplier who can offer an automated production solution. He was satisfies with ANKO's HLT-700XL model after conducting a test run at ANKO Taiwan headquarters. However, when the machine was commissioned in Egypt, dough was inelastic and couldn't be formed by the machine. The causes might be the characteristics of dough, the weather, or the effect of temperature and humidity. Fortunately, our engineer, who has many years' experience, immediately found the problem and adjusted the dough ingredients. Afterwards, the dough could be processed by the sambousek making machine normally.

Case-ID: EG-002


Food Ingredient

  • For wrapper
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Butter
  • Oil
  • Water
  • For filling
  • Onion
  • Ground Beef
  • Pepper
  • Cinnamon
  • Salt

Food Culture

Sambousek is a common iftar dish during ramadan, which is similar to samosa; some consider them as the same food. Sambousek or samosa can be made into a triangle or half-moon shape with thick, fermented pastry or thin, unfermented (phyllo) pastry, stuffed with fried ground meat, onion, spices, etc. It is usually baked or deep-fried and served hot with salad, fattoush, or refreshing drinks such as watermelon pomegranate juice.

Handmade Food Recipe

  • Ⅰ. For wrapper
  • Add flour, salt, oil, butter in a large bowl and mix them evenly.
  • Add in water.
  • Mix all ingredients and knead the dough until smooth and elastic.
  • Cover with cling film and rest for an hour.
  • Ⅱ. For fillingChop onion and heat a pan.
  • Add oil and chopped onion in the pan. Stir-fry onion.
  • Add minced meat and stir-fry them until lightly browned.
  • Add pepper, cinnamon, and salt. Stir-fry seasonings and ingredients until combined.
  • Ⅲ.
  • Dust the work surface. Then, roll out the dough into around 3 mm thick pastry.
  • Use a glass to cut out circles from the pastry.
  • Put a spoon of filling in the center of each circular pastry.
  • Fold them in half and seal the edges by pinching or pressing with a fork.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. Dough is too inelastic to be formed with machine.

Dough was made with the same recipe and processed with the same machine model, but the results of the test runs conducted in Taiwan and Egypt were totally different. There are many causes, including flour brand, protein content, local weather, temperature, humidity, and even water quality. In order to solve the problem, our engineer changed……(Please contact us to get more information)

The contents of a type of food may be influenced by environmental variables. Two people make a dish with the same recipe. If they live in different countries, they might get the dish in different texture and taste. Flour is the most obvious example. ANKO has experience engineers and food researcher. Depending upon the character of local ingredients, we would systematically test and adjust recipes and machines until clients are satisfied with the texture and taste of final products, then provide the data and the way of adjustment for clients.

The chemical changes of food are so unpredictable. Only old hands are able to promptly give proper solutions to the unexpected problems.

Machine made sambousek by customer

Sambousek are formed perfectly after ANKO’s recipe consultation
Solution 2. How does ANKO's engineer do when clients want to alter their product size after delivery?

Our engineers are so qualified and experienced that they are capable of providing immediate custom processing services. Sometimes, after commissioning, clients would like to alter the look of their products for perfection. The machine doesn't need to be sent back to Taiwan. Our engineers are able to determine how to process the parts to satisfy clients' requirements. Then, the alteration can be done precisely by local factories or even by the engineers themselves.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Put well-mixed stuffing in stuffing hopper.
  • Put well-kneaded dough in dough hopper.
  • Stuffing is extruded into a cylinder through stuffing pipe.
  • Dough is extruded into a tube through dough pipe.
  • While both cylindrical stuffing and dough tube are formed, stuffing is extruded into the dough tube.
  • With the rotary mold, the stuffed dough tube is formed into the food shape as required.
  • The final products are released from the mold by scraper.
  • The final products are conveyed for the sequential baking process.
Rotary mold determines the look of a product.

Rotary mold in the HLT-700 series machines is responsible for the look of a product. It determines the product's size, shape, edge pattern, and edge thickness. In ANKO, over 30 kinds of rotary molds are available. Clients could choose from these standard molds. We have half-circular or triangular mold for making samosa/sambousek, circular or square mold with wavy edges for making ravioli, etc. If clients would like to produce unique products, the rotary mold can be customized. The sambousek in this case is made by a custom mold.

Put the rotary mold into the forming mold set for production

Produce a variety of products by changing the forming mold

Processing Line Planning

  • Sieving
  • Mixing
  • Vegetable Cleaning
  • Vegetable Cutting
  • Extracting
  • Meat Mincing
  • Seasoning
  • Peeling
  • Forming
  • Steaming
  • Frying
  • Sealing

After putting the sambousek dough and stuffing into the hoppers, dough is extruded into a dough tube and filled with the mixture of cheese, spinach, and beef. Then, the filled dough tube is pressed into the sambouseks by a rotary forming mold. The half-moon mold is widely used to make 2-gram to 80-gram products. The throughput of HLT-700XL with the half-moon mold is between 3,000 and 30,000 pieces/hour.

Sambousek dough

Sambousek stuffing

ANKO's HLT-700XL is a dumpling making machine. It can produce a wide range of food products with a dough wrapper and stuffing inside. By simply changing the forming molds, HLT-700XL can also become different food processing machines as rigatoni machine, ravioli machine, pasta machine, pierogi machine, pelemeni machine, calzone machine, empanada machine, etc.

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