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Additive-Free Dumpling Machinery Design for a Singaporean Company

A client and her partners started a business in Singapore. These entrepreneurs later decided to invest in the Chinese Dim Sum business in 2019. Initially they purchased equipment from a supplier in China, but the equipment was not as user friendly and required multiple employees to operate. Additionally, they encountered many difficulties and problems during their manufacturing processes. Fortunately, this very same client found ANKO. ANKO is a company that is dedicated to Quality and Productivity while offering customized production solutions for various food products and catering to each of our client’s unique requirements. This client purchased ANKO’s HLT-700XL and EA-100KA for producing dumplings and Xiaolong soup dumplings. The company supplies many schools with dumplings, and they are also working with many central kitchens. With ANKO’s equipment this client was able to establish their own brand since have enjoyed great success.

Case-ID: SG-002


ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. Recipe changes to improve dumpling quality and increase production consistency

A client used fresh pumpkin puree in dough without adding any artificial additives and preservatives, but when they switched to an automated production line the dumpling wrappers would easily break. ANKO's food engineers helped solved this problem by……(Please contact us to get more information)

Another issue occurred with their squid dumpling production: the texture of the filling was inconsistence which affected the products uniformity. ANKO solved this problem by……(Please contact us to get more information)

A client used fresh pumpkin puree to make dough
A client used fresh pumpkin puree to make dough
Perfect pumpkin dumplings were made after ANKO's recipe adjustments
Perfect pumpkin dumplings were made after ANKO's recipe adjustments
Perfectly formed squid dumplings after ANKO's recipe adjustments.
Perfectly formed squid dumplings after ANKO's recipe adjustments.
Solution 2. ANKO's onsite machine demonstration services are the best way to solve food production issues.

A client had production problems and a difficult time figuring out any possible solutions. Finally, they decided to hire ANKO's service team to provide on-site assistance. ANKO's engineers had explained basic operational procedures, assembly techniques, provided production tips, and explained routine maintenance in detail. ANKO also offers online trouble shooting services to help our clients resolve any production issues, and make sure your food production operates smoothly and efficiently.

ANKO offers online trouble shooting services through real time conference calls.
ANKO offers online trouble shooting services through real time conference calls.

Pumpkin and Squid Ink Dumpling Production – ANKO's professional engineers helped this client with recipe adjustments and automated production fine-tuning. The result was that all the pumpkin and squid ink dumplings were uniform in size and shape with very low defect rates.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Place dough in hopper
  • Place filling in separate hopper
  • Automatically produce dumplings with ANKO's machine and special molds
ANKO Provides Well-Designed Machines that fit our Clients needs

A client had previously invested in a different company's machine. That machine did not function well and needed many employees to operate. Then this client found and purchased ANKO's HLT-700XL Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine. ANKO's machine is well-designed thus increases production numbers with a very low product defect rates and minimal labor to operate.

HLT-700XL produce various types of dumplings with different molds.
HLT-700XL produce various types of dumplings with different molds.
Customized molds are available
Customized molds are available
Unique look of dumplings which shaped by hand
Unique look of dumplings which shaped by hand
Solution Proposal

ANKO Food Lab – Helps improve your automated food production and can work to create new products with you.

In this case, ANKO’s team had helped this client improve their production processes and product quality. Additionally, ANKO’s headquarters in Taipei has a well-equipped Food Lab, a team of food professionals and engineers all with decades of experience in the food industry. ANKO’s team is available to assist our clients with product research and development, and to help turn a good idea into a great food production business. ANKO offers the best food machines and production solutions for the success of your food business.

The HLT-700XL machine is capable of producing many kinds of Ethnic Foods. With front-end and back-end equipment, such as a dough mixer, packaging machine, food X-ray inspection machine, etc., you can have a complete custom-made planning from ANKO's solution to increase your production volumes, reduce labor costs and manage your human resources efficiently.

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 ANKO offers Dumpling Making Machine And Production Solution to increase your production capacity


ANKO's HLT-700XL Multipurpose Filling & Forming Machine is one of our best-selling models. It can produce various products such as dumplings, samosas, empanadas, hargaos (shrimp dumplings) and different types of ravioli and tortellini. The average production rate is approximately 2,000 pieces per hour with a maximum production is at 10,000 pieces per hour. This machine is compact in size and suitable for a wide range of food businesses. Moreover, it includes a built-in Internet of Things (IoT) system to provide real-time access to data monitoring to manage production better remotely. And having an inventory of spare parts and conducting regular inspections, companies can significantly reduce risks, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity.

ANKO's EA-100KA Forming machine can also be attached to HLT-700XL to produce Xiaolong soup dumplings at the rate of 6,000 pieces per hour with up to 12 pleated folds.


How the HLT-700XL machine works? After putting dough and stuffing into hoppers, the HLT-700XL will automatically extrude a dough tube and fill stuffing into the dough tube at the same time. Then, the stuffed dough cylinder will be pressed by a forming mold to form pieces of food products.

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Food Culture

Dumplings are a popular and convenient food in the Chinese culture especially during Chinese New Year. Dumplings are made into shapes similar to golden ingots which symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Recently, unique flavors such as Taiwanese peeled peppers, kimchi, seaweed and scallops, sweet corn and pork, have become even more popular than the traditional cabbage or the leek and pork dumplings. Additionally, the demand for frozen dumplings has increased after the pandemic since more people tend to cook at home. Many meatless and plant-based dumpling options are available for people who are vegetarian, vegan or prefer not to eat meat.

Handmade Recipe
Food Ingredient

For Wrapper-(Wheat) Flour/Hot water/Salt, For Filling-Vegetables (Cabbage, Leeks and etc.)/Ground meats/Sesame oil/Soy sauce/Rice wine/Chopped spring onion/Minced ginger/Salt/Granulated Sugar/White Pepper

How to make

(1) Combine flour and salt together then add hot water to mix into a dough, knead well by hand and let the dough rest for about an hour. (2) Roll the dough out into long logs and then divide it into equal sized small pieces; round the dough balls first and then flatten each into dumpling wrappers. (3) Add salt to the chopped vegetables (cabbage or leeks) and let them rest for about 30 min to extract any moisture. (4) Mix soy sauce, rice wine, salt, sugar, and white pepper to the ground meat, then add in a little water 2 or 3 times to increase the moisture. Season the ground meat with minced ginger, chopped spring onions and sesame oil. (5) Finally, wrap the filling into each dumpling wrapper to form the dumplings into the desired shapes.

Rest dough, then shape it into a long log
Rest dough, then shape it into a long log
Place premixed filling onto dumpling wrap
Place premixed filling onto dumpling wrap
Fold and seal the dumpling by hand with pleats
Fold and seal the dumpling by hand with pleats

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