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ANKO Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine - for an Indian Machinery Design

Bakery is the client's core business and expanded in many countries in Middle East and Asia. He has a supply chain for his own bakery brand, including farms for providing raw materials, bakery industrial for manufacturing, and bakeries and agents for selling products.The client is strict to control quality to ensure that consumers enjoy food with good quality and receive the best service. Due to his business expansion, he was looking for a food machine supplier whose business concept of quality and service is the same with them. In 2000, the client heard that Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine made by ANKO is high capacity, multifunction, and cost-saving, so that they decided to cooperate with ANKO.

Case-ID: IN-003

Spring Roll Pastry

Food Ingredient

  • Salt
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Water

Food Culture

Spring roll, traditional Chinese food, has been traced back to Tang Dynasty. It has been a custom to eat spring roll in Lichun (start of spring). A Chinese poet used to describe the custom in his poem, "Start of spring, having spring pastry with vegetables". In ancient China, the Spring Festival was on the day of Lichun, so spring roll has also been eaten in the Spring Festival. Moreover, due to its yellow- brown color and shape after deep frying, spring roll looks like gold, symbolizing rich and wealthy. As time goes by, the food culture of eating spring roll has brought to many countries and has been changed into different cookery and flavors such as Lumpia in the Philippines and Indonesia as well as Vietnamese spring roll. The main ingredient of making spring roll pastry can be flour or rice, even dough.

As for cookery, the most common way is to deep frying spring roll that people will taste a mouthful of spring roll with crispy skin and delicious stuffing. The irresistible relish attracts many gourmets to eat one by one.

Handmade Food Recipe

  • Add flour and salt in a large bowl and then pour in water. Stir until dissolved.
  • Strain the batter to remove any lumps.
  • Spread a pan with oil.
  • Brush batter on the pan.
  • Cook until the edges curl slightly and set aside.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. How to improve the elasticity of spring roll pastry?

The client expected that the final spring roll pastry should be soft and fine in texture as well as elastic. During the first test, ANKO team noticed that the spring roll pastry, made in accordance with the client's recipe, would lack elasticity. Therefore, we recommended him to ...(Please contact us to get more information)

Soft and elastic spring roll pastry

Well elasticity of spring roll pastry
Solution 2. If the spring roll pastry sticks on baking drum, how we figure out the problem?

When the spring roll pastry sticks on baking drum and cannot be scrapped off, ANKO team will carefully check, according to marks on pastry, whether the pastry is not enough heated or is heated unevenly. Then, we will adjust baking drum temperature and check if the machine works normally.

Well viscosity of spring roll pastry

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Well mix batter, and then pour into batter hopper.
  • Adjust control panel and check temperature and baking drum condition.
  • Bake pastry.
  • Cool pastry with fans.
  • Cut into proper size.
  • Stack cut pastry in piles

Cool pastry with fans

Cutting spring roll pastry

Fundamental of Design

  • The client had a requirement for increasing production capacity. Therefore, ANKO highly recommended SRP Series automatic spring roll and samosa pastry sheet machine, which hourly production rate is 2700 pieces.
  • Machine parts and data are flexible to modify the size of spring roll wrapper. Further, the size of every machine-made wrapper is more identical than that of every handmade wrapper.
  • Automatic stacking machine piles cut wrappers. Every pile will be delivered to the end of conveyor for wrapping by hand.
  • SRP Series machinery is designed with an aim, which is the texture and taste of final products should be similar to handmade food. The client is highly concerned about not only food quality, but also stable producing process. Therefore, SRP Series is the one to make him provide the safest and best food to customers.

The fundamental of Spring Roll pastry processing design

Processing Line Planning

  • Sieving
  • Mixing
  • Spring Roll Equipment
  • Sealing
SRP Series Automatic Spring Roll And Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine

As pouring batter into the batter tank, it can be baked immediately at a high temperature through the baking machine, designed by ANKO R&D team. Then, the baked wrapper belt will be cooled at once, ready to be cut and stacked up. The cutting machine is automatic and flexible; simply changing machine parts and setting data can produce preferred wrapper size. 2700-pcs-per-hour high productivity and standardized size products bring the client the greatest benefit as well as solve the problem of insufficient employees.

Spring roll

Spring roll

Spring roll pastry
SRP Series Automatic Crepe Machine

ANKO is aware of the diversification in food markets so that they focus on designing multifunctional machine, that is, the changes of machine parts and settings can produce various foods that they are not only spring roll pastry, but also crepe pastry, samosa pastry, blini, blitzes, nalesniki, etc.

Blini from Automatic Crepe Machine

Millie Crepes from Automatic Crepe Machine
SR-24 Automatic Spring roll Machine

ANKO is always keeping pace with the diversified food market. Our R&D team designs a flexible machine to produce many kinds of food wrappers through part changes and data settings. The brilliant design of extensible SRP Series machine is capable of working with other units to continue spring roll making process, that is, SR-24 Automatic Spring roll Machine. It stably produces products of good quality up to 2400 pcs/h.

Automatic Spring roll Machine

Spring rolls from Automatic Spring Roll Machine

Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine Video - ANKO Automatic Spring Roll and Samosa Pastry Sheet Machine (SRP Series) is unique and the advantages of SRP are stable as well as high productivity. It is capable of producing not only spring roll pastry, samosa pastry, but also crepe, crepe with brown pattern, Blini, etc.

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