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Semi-Automatic Vegetarian Spring Roll Production Line – Machinery Design for German Company

The client was using ready-made spring roll pastry sheets to produce organic fried spring rolls. Though he has to devote extra time on reprocessing each sheet before use, and reaching the thickness with the feeling of satiety. In order to increase overall efficiency, the initiation to implement his own pastry sheet production line rooted in his mind. He then found a Taiwanese food machine manufacturer called ANKO, which has years of experience in researching and developing food machinery. Not only can they modify the recipe according to the accessible local ingredients, but most importantly to solve the production problems that the client faced. Which is to produce extra thick spring roll wrapper that is 35 grams in weight and 0.9 mm in thickness.

Case-ID: DE-001

Vegetarian Spring Roll Wrapper

Food Ingredient

  • Corn Starch
  • All Purpose Flour
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Vegetable oil

Food Culture

With the growing popularity of vegetarian and veganism among Europe and especially in Germany, and to further apply the knowledge he learned in nutriology. He decided to provide fresh, healthy and organic vegetarian spring rolls to his customers.

What’s the secret that makes customers pay € 2 willingly for a spring roll?

The answer is quite simple and so is the making process;
- Using cheese and vegetables as main ingredients
- Wrapping with freshly made pastries
- Coating with bread crumbs before a quick fried into boiling oil
- Sealing the moisture and freshness inside the spring roll while keeping the crispy texture on the outer crust.

Handmade Food Recipe

  • Well mixed corn starch, all-purpose flour, salt.
  • Add water into the bowl and keep stirring until the lumps are gone.
  • Heat up a pan with low heat.
  • Use a paper towel or brush to apply a layer of oil over the pan.
  • Pour batter into the pan.
  • Lift and swirl the pan immediately to spread the batter evenly.
  • When the edge peels away from the pan, flip the wrapper over and cook for a few more seconds.
  • Remove the wrapper from the pan and set it aside.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. Make vegetarian spring roll wrapper thicker to satisfy customer's appetite.

The client was originally using ready-made spring roll pastry sheets to produce spring roll. With the average thickness of 0.6mm, he has to devote extra time on cutting and stacking each sheet. And the final product weighs one and a half wrapper combined.

Prepare one and a half wrapper to make a spring roll

Ready-made wrappers are thinner

Due to the time-consuming and laborious reprocessing work, he decided to implement a semi-automatic spring roll wrapper production line with ANKO Food Machine.

In order to solve the production problem for our client, our engineer tried many options. Lastly, we successfully achieve the goal by reducing the water ratio of the wrapper recipe and lengthen the baking duration by slowing down the rotating speed of baking drum.

As a result, the wrappers reached 0.9 mm and weighed 35 grams which is equal to two sheets of ready-made wrappers combined.

35-gram spring roll wrapper

Wrappers made by ANKO's semi-automatic vegetarian spring roll production line are thicker.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Pour well-stirred batter into the batter tank.
  • Set the temperature and rotating speed of the baking drum on the control panel.
  • Machine starts spraying batter onto the baking drum.
  • The freshly made dough belt will be cooled by cooling fans on the conveyor.
  • The strip of dough belt will be cut into proper sized wrapper sheet automatically.
  • Wrappers are further conveyed for subsequent manual processes.

Batter is sprayed onto baking drum.
What’s the purpose to locate a spray nozzle beneath the baking drum, which is close to the height of men’s knees?

The full utilization of baking drum

As the baking drum turns a three fourths of circle, batter will be cooked thoroughly into a strip of dough belt and scraped from the baking drum. As the remaining one fourth of the circle purposely remained empty for reheating and be ready for the next round.

In other words, if the spray nozzle is installed from above the baking drum, it might need higher temperature to shorten the baking time needed before it rotates higher than the conveyor. Meanwhile, leaving too much unused surface and causing reduction of production efficiency.

Easy changing

The height of the spray nozzle is thoughtfully designed to be close to the height of men’s knees. Not just making the replacing process of spray nozzle easier, but also prevents danger from occurring for the operator to climb up and down for refilling batter.

To assist our clients reaching maximum efficiency, leaving no unused parts, calculate the perfect baking temperature and time-needed for the recipe with repetitive testing. In other words, every detail is carefully calculated in your favor.


Due to the creative shape of the vegetarian fried spring roll, we recommended the SRPF Semi-Automatic Pastry Sheet Production Line instead. Which is specially designed to produce thin pastries such as spring roll wrapper, samosa wrapper, and etc., followed by an operating deck for manual process.

The operating deck extends-out alongside the conveyor, which opens the possibility to customize on connectable machineries, and for individual needs.

We also customized the conveyor into proper length based on human work rate and production speed, offering the most efficient production line.


The consistency of the batter for thick spring roll wrapper - The wrapper made by SRPF is two times thicker than the wrapper sold on the market. In order to save time on reprocessing each spring roll wrappers, the client bought the SRPF; spring roll wrapper production line. ANKO also helped him in adjusting the batter recipe and to test out the most suitable baking settings to produce 0.9 mm thick and 35 gram spring roll wrappers. The consistency of the batter is shown in the video.

Vegetarian fried spring roll wrapper production line - The batter to produce spring roll wrapper is spread onto the baking drum. Then, the strip of dough belt is cut into required size pastry sheets and delivered by the conveyor for the subsequent manual processes.

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