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Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine-Machinery Design for Hong Kong Company

The client runs meat processing business which has long history and gains high market share. Now it is the turn that the second generation entrepreneur takes over the company. With current frozen equipment and packaging machinery, they would like to increase efficiency and develop other snacks with product line expansion. ANKO's machinery features multifunction. Take the Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine as an example, various kinds of dough and filling are suitable for the machine; through parameter adjustment, a wide range of products can be made with one machine. For manufacturers, it definitely a worthy investment to receive a high price/performance ratio.

Case-ID: HK-004

Tang yuan

Food Ingredient

  • For wrapper
  • Glutinous Rice Flour
  • Water
  • For Stuffing
  • Lotus Seeds
  • Sugar
  • Vegetable Oil

Food Culture

Chinese people eat tang yuan on winter solstice and the lantern festival. The custom has been handed down for a long time. Tang yuan and yuanxiao are often considered as the same food. However, traced back to the past, tang yuan is the name used in Southern China while Northern China called it yuanxiao. They are very different in dough's water content and recipe. Tang yuan wrapper is made from the mixture of glutinous rice flour and water and then wraps filling. In contrast, the filling of yuanxiao is firstly rounded by hand and put on a rice flour-dusting bamboo sieve. As shaking the sieve, filling balls are gradually coated glutinous rice flour so that yuanxiao contains less water compared to tang yuan. As time passes the difference between them is indefinite in the modern culture. There are two kinds of tang yuan, with or without filling. Smaller tang yuan has no filling while the bigger one with filling can be either sweet or savory.

Handmade Food Recipe

For wrapper

Mix glutinous rice flour and water and knead them into dough.

Rub into long dough and divide into 15 equal portions.

Rub each one into ball, and then press it into flat circle.

For stuffing

Soak lotus seeds for at least three hours.

Drain lotus seeds.

Put them in a pot and boil with water in high heat.

Turn low heat and keep boiling lotus seeds until soft.

Put softened lotus seeds and some water which just boiled seeds in a mixer to mash up them.

Add lotus seed paste in a pan to stir fry in low heat.

Add sugar and slowly stir fry until moisture dries up.

Add vegetable oil in several times, stir fry until oil dried up and then pour another spoon.

Turn off heat as lotus seed paste becomes thicken.

Scoop lotus seed paste in the center of wrapper.

Wrap it up and rub the seal to form a round tang yuan.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. How to prevent glutinous rice dough from drying and cracking as dividing?

SD-97W is designed to stuff diversity fillings such as bean paste, meat paste, sesame paste, and peanut powder. As for dough, not only dough with different levels of gluten but also gluten-free dough is suitable for this machine type. Tang yuan dough is made with a precise ratio of glutinous rice flour to water. Dough with too much water cannot be form, whereas dough with too less water may crack. Moreover, time is one of factors. As dough is exposed to air too long, the outside of dough become drier than the inside, which affects tang yuan quality. Let's go back to the case, the glutinous rice dough dried and cracked as dividing. ANKO's experienced engineer….→To get more information? Please Contact Us Below

Cracked tang yuan

Water content is adjusted to make tang yuan elastic

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Mix glutinous rice flour and water.
  • Put glutinous rice dough and lotus seed paste into SD-97W dough hopper and filling hopper, respectively.
  • SD-97W automatically wraps filling in glutinous rice dough and cut it into equal chunks.
  • Apply RC-180 to rub the filled glutinous rice chunks into ball shape.
  • Boil or freeze lotus seed paste tang yuan.

Lotus seed paste in filling hopper

Glutinous rice dough in dough hopper

Apply SD-97W Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine to divide filled glutinous rice dough into chunks. Lotus seed paste isn't squeezed out.

Cooked tang yuan

Cross section of lotus seed paste tang yuan
What's the reason that some shutters of encrusting and forming machines cannot cut off filled dough?

There are a lot of encrusting and forming machines in the market. They may look the same but are uneven in quality. We often heard that shutter cannot cut off dough and shutter doesn't cut efficiently, that is, filled products still connect with each other. Even though all machine parts are made as same as ANKO's machine, they cannot figure out those problems. The secret of shutter is its opening and closing speed as well as the design of its material and action.


The Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine is designed to produce filled food products. Its shutter system divides dough into equal portions as required size; meanwhile, products can be pleated if a patterned shutter mounted. Either non-patterned or patterned shutter is optional for creating food in distinct appearances such as baozi, coxinha, kubba and the like. The multifunctional SD-97W is also able to store five sets of parameter setting, saving user's time to correct and test every time. Moreover, there is an accessory to extrude two-color dough. As for the case, they ordered an SD-97W with a non-patterned shutter to divide dough wrapped lotus seed paste into chunks. The product weight ranges from a minimum of 15 grams to a maximum of 70 grams.

Final product cut by patterned shutter

Final product cut by non-patterned shutter

The Automatic Rounding Conveyor is designed to rub products into round, which acts like human hand movement. RC-180 is suitable for products that weigh between 10 - 35 grams or a minimum of 1 centimeter in diameter. Low power consumption, high capacity, and easy to clean.


Simply prepare glutinous rice dough and lotus seed paste into hoppers of our machine manually, and then hand over the automatic production to the machine. The glutinous rice dough wraps filling and is divided into chunks in standard weight as required. The rounding process can be completed by ANKO's RC-180 Automatic Rounding Conveyor, which acts like human hand movement to make tang yuan not only tasty but also pleasing in appearance.

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