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ANKO Spring Roll Production Line-Machinery Design for a Jordanian Company

The client's products are Halal food, including spring roll with vegetable stuffing, chicken and onion stuffing, cheese stuffing as well as beef stuffing, permissible for Muslims. At the end of Ramadan, fasting was not required. It was the time for people to go shopping and buy food; as a result, the client received a large number of spring roll (cigar roll) orders. He uses three semi-automatic spring roll production machines, which need employees to wrap rolls by hand. Anko machines are satisfying for him. For the reason, the client considered to order a new spring roll machine with special folding and rolling device, in order to reduce labor costs, increase capacity, and control the quality of standardization.

Case-ID: JO-001

Spring roll

Food Ingredient

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Ground Chicken
  • Cabbage
  • Garlic
  • Scallions
  • Carrot
  • Soy Sauce
  • Black Pepper
  • Oil
  • Corn Starch
  • Water

Food Culture

Spring roll originated in China, even its name was translated literally from Chinese. "Roll" implies its shape; "spring" symbolizes the season of renewal. In Chinese culture, eating spring roll represents a new year coming and a fresh beginning. Everyone wishes all the best in the year. From place to place, spring roll has several names such as Lumpia in Southeast Asia, cigar roll in Middle East, egg roll in America. However, the recipe has minor differences. People wrap up sweet or savory stuffing with a thin wrapper, which is mainly made from flour and then deep fry it.

Handmade Food Recipe

Spring roll wrapper

(1) Pour flour, water, and salt in a bowl and well stir them. (2) Add a little bit oil on a fry pan and use kitchen towel to wipe the oil thinly and evenly. (3) Pour a ladle of mixture and roundly tilt the fry pan to spread the mixture evenly. (4) Until the wrapper side peels off, cook the other side for a few seconds.

Chicken and vegetable filling

(1) Shred cabbage, scallion, and carrot, and set aside. (2) Heat cooking oil in a wok and fry ground chicken till it has been slightly browned, and set aside. (3) Add cooking oil again to sauté garlic cloves, scallion, and shredded carrot until aromatic, then fry cabbage and ground chicken together, season with soy sauce and black pepper. (4) Cool the filling on a tray and tilt the tray to collect and discard unneeded liquid.


(1) Mix corn flour and water as wrapper glue. (2) Put chicken and vegetable filling at a corner of wrapper and roll the wrapper half-way from the corner. (3). Then smear glue on left and right corner and fold up, smear glue on the last corner and roll up tightly.


(1) Pour the oil in a wok or fry pan until it's enough to completely cover the spring rolls. (2) Preheat the oil to about 160°C. (3) Carefully place the spring rolls into the oil and deep fry them. (4) Ready to enjoy!

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

The shredded vegetable was too long and had too much juice that caused the problems of unstable feeding and unsmooth producing process.

The vegetable stuffing had enough oil as lubricant; it was supposed to be extruded smoothly. The problem is that the shredded vegetable was too long to be fed in position. In addition, The vegetable stuffing had too much juice, which leaked on feeding system base.

The solution could be -

(1). Cut vegetables shorter than ...(Please contact us to get more information)

The vegetable stuffing before adjusting
The vegetable stuffing before adjusting
The vegetable stuffing before adjusting
The vegetable stuffing before adjusting
The vegetable stuffing after adjusting
The vegetable stuffing after adjusting

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Pour cooked stuffing into hopper.
  • Pour mixed batter into batter tank.
  • Set the temperature.
  • Bake wrapper belt.
  • Cool wrapper belt under fans.
  • Cut wrapper belt into 200mm*200mm squares.
  • Turn cut wrapper in position, ready to be fed with stuffing.
  • Feed stuffing: locate stuffing on a set place.
  • Fold wrapper: fold the first corner to the center to cover the stuffing, and then seal the stuffing by left and right side flappers.
  • Apply glue: apply batter on the last corner as glue.
  • Roll up: roll up toward the last corner under rolling net, at the same time, seal the end.
Turn wrapper in position, ready to be fed with stuffing
Turn wrapper in position, ready to be fed with stuffing

Fundamental of Design

  • Our team found that, as spring roll wrappers pile up, the spring roll wrappers commonly stick together. Therefore, we designed a cooling system, which not only solves the problem, but also connects the wrapper producing process and wrapping process in a sequential producing line.
  • The humanlike folding device and sensor imitate hand gestures and eyes. The sensor is capable of detecting the positions of wrapper and stuffing, making stuffing be wrapped up properly. Also, the last rolling device and stainless net form spring rolls like handmade.
Stainless net
Stainless net

Processing Line Planning

  • Sieving
  • Mixing
  • Vegetable Cleaning
  • Vegetable Cutting
  • Extracting
  • Meat Mincing
  • Seasoning
  • Spring Roll Machine
  • Frying
  • Sealing

SRPF-45 Semi-automatic spring roll and samosa production line is equipped with a large round baking drum with functions of adjustable wrapper width, thickness and temperature control. The capacity is up to 5400 pieces per hour. With cooling and cutting processes, spring roll wrappers are ready for filling by stuffing depositor. The stuffing depositor is also designed to meet individual requirements of stuffing size and weight as long as a machine part or data is changed or reset. Furthermore, there is a sensor to assure the customized stuffing locates on exact place.


SR-24 spring roll production line not only has the same advantages as SRPF-45, but also equips special folding and rolling systems, which imitate hand gestures to fold and roll up every spring roll. The maximum capacity reaches 2400 pieces per hour.


The process of extruding vegetable stuffing - Extruding vegetable stuffing in position and folding the first corner.

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