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Table Type Automatic Encrusting And Filling Machine-Machinery Design for UK Company

The Indian British brothers own two dessert shops. For cutting cost, they went to a machinery show and got much of an impression of ANKO. Through simple communication, they decided to come to Taiwan for a test-run. In addition to traditional ball-shaped rasgulla, it's successful to produce circular shape and long shape with shaping devices. Due to our quick and comprehensive services, the clients ordered two sets of machines for each dessert shop.

Case-ID: GB-002


Food Ingredient

  • Milk
  • Lemon Juice
  • Sugar
  • Water

Food Culture

Rasgulla is a popular dessert in India, Bangladesh, and many parts of South Asia. It is made with cottage cheese (chhena) which is divided and rubbed into small balls, then slowly cooked in sugar syrup. These small rasgulla balls puff up as cooking to make a soft and spongy taste. Nowadays, canned rasgulla are available everywhere.

Handmade Food Recipe

  • Boil milk over medium heat.
  • Mix water and lemon juice. As the milk is boiling, pour in the lemon water and gently stir.
  • The milk starts to curdle. As milk solids and whey completely separate, turn off the heat.
  • Prepare a large strainer and spread a cheese cloth on top of it.
  • Drain the whey and rinse the chhena (cottage cheese) under running water to remove sourness.
  • Tie the cloth and squeeze out excess water from the chhena, then hang it to drain water for 45 minutes.
  • Add sugar into a pot of water, boil the sugar syrup.
  • Take the chhena from the cheese cloth, knead it into a large smooth chunk
  • Divide into equal portions and roll into small balls.
  • As the sugar syrup boiled, add balls in.
  • Slowly cook over medium heat and cover with lid.
  • Stir them every three minutes until they are cooked and doubled in size, then turn off the heat.
  • Cool down and chill them before serving.

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

According to the client's requirements, the SD-97SS, basically used for the production of rasgulla, was customized to connect other machines for product line extension.

In the beginning, they were seeking a solution of cutting labor costs from ANKO. Our multifunction machine then inspired them to produce different products in long shape and circular shape. Put ourselves in their place - How to satisfy their wish with the least resource? Through a discussion between RD engineers and sales engineers, we decided to use the SD-97SS as the core for the production of all food products and then designed other processing devices to work with it. For circular food, it was rolled by an upper roller and a lower conveyor. And then we replaced the upper roller with a pressing plate to form long products. The only different between two mentioned devices was that the pressing plate didn't roll like the upper roller. This ingenious design seemed simple but it could produce totally different products.

It starts from the production of round rasgulla. As the semi-products are conveyed, the force from the fixed pressing plate shapes long food products. (we did a machine test run with flour dough in this video)

Rasgulla is a dessert made of curdled milk. The material is put into SD-97SS Table Type Automatic Encrusting and Filling Machine and divided into equal rough balls, then RC-180 rolls them into round shape like hand gestures.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Boil milk and then add lemon juice to curdle milk.
  • Put drained curd into SD-97SS's filling hopper.
  • Non-patterned shutter divides curd into equal portions.
  • Apply RC-180 to round pieces of curd into balls
  • Cook rasgullas in sugar syrup.

Cook rasgullas in sugar syrup
Three essential conditions to make RC-180 round perfect balls

The RC-180 rounding machine is designed based on a human action of rolling a thing into a ball. The machine is equipped a rectangular rolling device at the top and a conveyor at the bottom. They rotate in different directions as the left and right hand action of rolling a ball. For bigger products, the rolling device and conveyor will be made longer and wider, and adjusted to spin in a larger circle. It is because if the food is longer and the rounding device spins in a small circle, then the rounding device and conveyor will only rub the top and bottom sides of the food.

Also, according to the rasgulla size, the rolling device can be moved upwards or downwards to a proper height so that the texture of the rounded rasgullas won't be damaged.


SD-97SS is the most compact type among SD-97 series. Its position in the market is aimed at food manufacturer who has less demand, lower budget, and limited factory space. Despite its small size, SD-97SS can still produce over 50 kinds of food with optional after-processing machines or manual processing. The machine is suitable for leavened dough. It can be installed either patterned or non-patterned shutter to produce products in different appearances such as baozi, coxinha, kubba, etc. For individual requirements, rotary plate or conveyor is optional to collect finished products.


Automatic rounding conveyor is designed to shape products into balls like human hand gestures. It is suitable to round products ranging in weight from 10 to 35 grams and the minimum size is 1 centimeter in diameter. It also features low power consumption, high capacity, and easy cleaning. The picture is an example of rounding sticky rice ball.

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