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Using ANKO food machine to produce sweet potato ball

Automatic Sweet Potato Ball Production Equipment Designed to Produce Small Sweet Potato Balls

The company is an actively developing food company, offering various sweet potato-based food products, including the popular shaved ice topping-sweet potato balls, and has been dedicated to promoting its brand and products with innovative ideas. A few years ago, they planned to make smaller sweet potato balls that can be added in drink. However, the machinery they had for making average-sized sweet potato balls could not produce such small ones. They found that ANKO has a GD-18B for making tapioca pearls. Afterwards, they visited ANKO for a trial and were satisfied with the machine and our services.

Case-ID: TW-008

Sweet potato ball

Food Ingredient

  • Sweet Potato
  • White Sugar
  • Tapioca

Food Culture

Sweet potato balls are a popular topping for different kinds of Taiwanese traditional dessert such as shaved ice, Chinese soy pudding (douhua), and herbal jelly. They are made of the mixture of steamed sweet potato, tapioca flour, and some sugar, then boiled and chilled into little springy and slightly chewy pieces.
Due to the prevalence of bubble tea, some beverage store owners make sweet potato balls as small as tapioca pearls so that people can enjoy the taste of sweet potato as drinking milk tea.

Handmade Food Recipe

For Rounding

(1) Cut the sweet potato roughly into pieces and steam them until soft. (2) Add sweet potatoes, white sugar, and tapioca flour in a large bowl. Then, stir the ingredients well to combine them. (3) Dust flour on the worktop and knead the mixture into a ball. (4) Divide the ball into equal portions and roll each piece into a cylinder. (5) Cut each cylinder into bite-sized sweet potato balls.

Sweet potato and taro balls on shaved ice

ANKO Team Research Problem Solving or Solution Delivery

Solution 1. How did our engineer and food researcher solve the problem that the sweet potato balls couldn't be formed?

The client visited us with a chunk of well-mixed dough. When our engineer conducted a test run of GD-18B, the sweet potato balls couldn't be formed. Our engineer and food researcher followed the SOP, trying to identify the problem step-by-step.

First of all, they found the dough might be too sticky. The client told them that the dough was made one day before they came to ANKO, so the dough was sticker than usual. Therefore, he agreed to add some starch to reduce the stickiness. Instead of solving the problem, it ended up not having stickiness at all. Our engineer suggested following our production processes. ......→To get more information? Please Click Contact Us Below

Consequently, our machine formed sweet potato balls as required and the taste was also accepted.

Solution 2. What after-sales services does ANKO offer?

In addition to the after-sales services about machine maintenance, repair, and so forth, ANKO offers consulting services on recipe, production process, etc. because we know every customer has different recipes.

Consulting services on recipe

The client would like to produce different kinds of sweet potato balls including purple, yellow, and orange. Therefore, our food researcher and engineer had tested many recipes with different quantities of ingredients. We not only gave him final recipes, but also told him how to adjust the quantities of ingredients according to the conditions of dough.

Consulting services on production flow

We help our customers organize their production flow, taking into account safety, food quality, machine performance, factory layout, etc.

ANKO offers not only machinery but also knowledge of food and production. Therefore, consulting services on recipe and production process are included in our after-sales services.

Food Equipment Introduction

  • Pour dusting flour into flour hopper.
  • Put sweet potato dough into dough hopper.
  • Adjust the speed of production.
  • Forming rollers press the dough into a thick dough belt
  • Cutting rollers cut the sweet potato dough into strips.
  • The dough strips are diced and rounded into small balls.

Put starch into flour hopper

Put sweet potato dough into dough hopper
Custom rotary cutting rollers

The cutting rollers are different from the forming rollers, which are used to cut dough into strips and determine the product size. There are blades on the cutting rollers; the more the blades they have, the smaller the products will be. That is, the width of spaces between blades is equal to the size of products. Therefore, the cutting rollers are able to be customized, depending on the customer's product size requirements.

The cutting rollers
The design of flour dusting hoppers prevents products sticking together

When we make sweet potato or taro balls at home, it is an important process to dust flour on the dough as kneading, cutting, or packing. It is also an inevitable process during the machine production. Thus, the flour dusting hoppers are designed to sprinkle the flour on the rollers and dough, which can greatly reduce the number of defectives.

The flour dusting hoppers

Processing Line Planning

  • Sieving
  • Mixing
  • Rounding
  • Sealing

The GD-18B production processes, involving dusting, pressing, cutting into strips, dicing, and rounding, are designed based on the manual production processes, in order to ensure the look, taste, and texture of the final products resemble the handmade ones. The rollers of GD-18B are made with stainless steel, rather than aluminum alloy -the material oxidizes easily and may affect the durability of a machine and food safety. GD-18B can process 25 - 180 kilogram starch dough per hour and the product size ranges from a minimum of 0.8 centimeters to a maximum of 2.0 centimeters.


How does ANKO's Automatic Cutting and Rounding Machine work to make fresh sweet potato balls, taro balls, tapioca pearls, tang yuan, etc.? At the beginning of the video, flour has been dusted on the rollers to prevent starch dough from sticking to the rollers. Then, put the starch dough into GD-18B. The machine is able to automatically press dough, cut dough into strips, dice and round small pieces into balls. The video also shows the cutting rollers that can be customized according to food size requirement. Moreover, a product slide mesh is installed at the exit to collect and sift out final products in required size.

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