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  • Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine -Machinery Design for Taiwanese Company
    Automatic Encrusting and Forming Machine -Machinery Design for Taiwanese Company

    The dining group operates Cantonese restaurants, hot pot buffets, and Japanese buffets for satisfying various consumers. They used to make their food products by hand. With more and more restaurants opened, the continuing growth in demand for steamed custard buns in all types of their restaurants prompted the company to invest in a new machine to extend its offerings. it's a turn to transform handmade into automatic production. Chefs hoped to maintain food quality while cutting cost so that they found ANKO. We have the largest market share in Taiwan food machine industry and our machine can help them meet the growing demand. After testing our SD-97W, they are satisfied with the multifunctional encrusting and forming machine which offers them the flexibility in production. In addition to steamed custard bun mentioned above, they also use the machine to produce sesame balls.

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ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. is a food making machine manufacturer and a food production solution supplier. We've been offering professional food equipment since 1978. With years of experience in the food machine market, ANKO makes sure that our food equipment meets customers' demands.